About Us

Our History:

For 20+ years, Kevyn Heck has been a part of the Fergus Falls and the Otter Tail lakes area. 
When he joined the insurance industry, he made it a goal to help people understand what they were buying. Too often, people buy insurance with no understanding of what they need or should have. They buy because "They said I have to have it."

Kevyn believes a good reputation and consistent service will reap greater benefits for everyone in the long run.
And being upfront with his customers about their coverages, Kevyn Heck Insurance Agency will be around to provide a long term productive business serving the communities and surrounding areas.


Kevyn grew up in the Bismarck-Mandan No Dak area. He has spent 25+ years working in the service industry and his experiences have helped him develop the best packages for his customers.

 We have been part of the Fergus Falls and Otter Tail Lakes area for 20+ years. 

Agents With Experience:

You can feel confident when you do business with the
Kevyn Heck Insurance Agency.
As a member of the Insurance Producers Network, we have 50+ agents across 7 states, who can provide coverages you need at a price you can afford.